Audubon's Kern Audubon Society MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Membership Application -- KERN AUDUBON (C2ZC300Z)

If you would like to be part of a grass-roots conservation organization with a distinguished history, join the National Audubon Society and Kern Audubon! , Please print this page, complete the form below, include check, and mail !
Membership includes Audubon Magazine (6 Issues) and the Audubon’s Warbler. (11 issues)

____New Member $20

Make check payable to NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY (not Kern Audubon)
send this form and your check (payable to National Audubon Society) to:

Kern Audubon
PO Box 3581
Bakersfield CA 93385

Name(s)_______________________________________Amount Enclosed________




Please check whether or not you wish to receive the Kern Audubon monthly newsletter, "the Warbler", by e-mail rather than snail mail: Yes____ No____

If you wish to support your local Kern chapter of the Audubon Society, please check here [  ] I want to make a tax-deductible donation to Kern Audubon.
Enclosed is my check for $ ________ made payable to: Kern Audubon Society.

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