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Wood stork

Bird of The Week: Wood Stork

The Wood Stork has many folk names, including Wood Ibis (due to its downcurved, ibis-like bill) and flinthead (for its scaly-looking bare head). The word “wood” probably refers to the bird’s favored nesting habitat in lowland wetlands.

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Bird of The Week: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird weighs less than a nickel, and like all hummingbird species including the Calliope and Rufous, it is a master of flight. Beating its wings 60 to 80 times a second, this tiny sprite creates a blur of motion and a whirring, insect-like sound.

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Common Loon

Bird of The Week: Common Loon

The Common Loon is the most widespread of the five loon species found in North America. A formidable swimmer and diver like the King Penguin or Red-breasted Merganser, this handsome waterbird is a veritable avian submarine, beautifully adapted to a life in and on the water.

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Hanning Flat Preserve

Hanning Flat Preserve

Residents who want to experience the 3,800-acre Hanning Flat preserve should keep an eye out on the Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation’s Facebook page to find out when the next “Hike Hanning Flat” date is set.

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