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Kern Audubon Society usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7PM. After a short period for announcements, introductions, etc., a program is presented by an outstanding person(s) in the field of conservation, ornithology, ecology, history, or biology. Generally, the programs are accompanied by PowerPoint, slide, or other media and there is usually a lively discussion and question and answer period. A list of past speakers is given at the end of this page.

After the program, there are refreshments, and winning raffle tickets are drawn for prizes such as bird guides, photographs or posters, nature games, and other items donated by our members. In addition to a fun time, the raffles are important source of funding for our Chapter.

Unless noted otherwise, meetings will be in the Kern Superintendent of Schools Office at 17th and L Streets. There is free parking on the street or in the parking structure north of the building. Meetings are open to the public and there is no admission charge.



Tues. January 8th, 2019 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Please join us as we explore nature with veteran tracker, Jim Lowery of Earth Skills. He has trained thousands of naturalists, biologists and rangers. He will share secrets about what those tracks you encounter in the field can tell you - the animal’s biology, gender, size, posture and mood. Using examples from our local mountains and urban areas he will teach you many of nature’s surprises. He has been an expert consultant for mammal research studies at Edwards Air Force Base and trains State of California field staff on the Central Coast in snowy plover next predator track interpretation. He is the author of The Tracker’s Field Guide (2006 and 2013) and Walk with the Animal (2013) Jim and his wife Mary live in Frazier Park and have led vision quests for 22 years.

Jim Lowery


Past Programs




Tues. November 6th, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Be prepared for an interactive exploration of local birding adventures with our own member Alex Merrill. He developed an increased interest in birding after retiring from 30 years of medical practice in Bakersfield. Surprised by the number and variety of birds found locally, he decided to combine his other activities of cycling and photography with a survey of Kern River flora and fauna. In this pursuit, during the second half of 2017 alone, he documented over 100 different species! By sharing his works he hopes you will be inspired to further appreciate our unique environment and be motivated to protect and preserve it. Come enjoy his stories, knowledge, and wisdom.

Alex Merrill



Tues. October 2nd, 2018 -- 7PM
Bill Lee's Bamboo Chopsticks Restaurant
1203 18th St. Bakersfield

This month our speaker will be John Rowden, Ph.D – National Audubon's Director of Community Conservation. In 2009 John was hired by New York City Audubon to direct citizen science and outreach. Then in 2013 he was hired by National Audubon Society, first working on the Toyota Together Green Program. Guided by the principle that we can improve our communities by providing birds with food, shelter, safe passage and places to raise their young, John helped Audubon launch a nationwide program that provides resources and support to communities as they put native plants in the ground. Research is demonstrating that even small patches of habitat planted with natives can benefit birds – something we all can do. His focus will center on a better life for Central Valley birds. BIRDS MATTER!

John Rowden, Ph.D



Tues. September 4th, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Inspired by an early interest in dinosaurs, Chris has studied and enjoyed animals since childhood. This developed into a passion for inspiring others to appreciate and respect animals. Chris is an outreach educator (visiting local schools) and Bird Show presenter at Fresno Zoo. From feeding to cleaning to friending, he is the “BIRD MAN.” He loves observing and documenting wildlife. Chris’s enthusiasm for exploring our environment and understanding animals is contagious. Please join us to enjoy Chris’s ambassador animals, terrific outreach, and a look behind-the-scenes at the Fresno Zoo.

Chris Sharp



Tues. June 5th, 2018 -- 6PM
Yokuts Park
4000 Empire Dr. Bakersfield (off Truxtun Ave.)

Steve Shaw, Master Falconer, will join us at Yokuts Park 6:00PM. We enjoyed an outstanding and educational visit with him at our Nov. 7 meeting. If conditions are right Steve will actually fly his falcon.

Cost of our tri-tip and/or chicken meal with all the extras plus dessert and drink is only $15.

Steve Shaw



Tues. May 1st, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Harry Love, long time KAS member and conservation chair, will be giving a program on his April-May 2017 birding and camping trip to east Texas, ending up along the Gulf Coast. Along with his wife Kathy and good friends Connie and Claus, he traveled through the Hill Country, San Antonio, ending up at High Island, Texas. This is where ‘The Fall’ takes place, when birds land after migrating across the Gulf of Mexico. Good birding Texas state parks will also be noted. Besides the birding along the way, he will also show the sights of Bandera (“Cowboy Capital”), Luckenbach (of county music fame), and the best barbeque place in Texas. Highlights of the trip through Tucson, New Mexico, and west Texas will also be included.

Harry and Kathy Love



Tues. Apr. 24th, 2018 -- 7PM
Golden Hills Elementary School Cafeteria
20215 Park Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561

John Schmitt is a internationally known naturalist, widely published bird artist and renowned bird feather specialist. He has agreed to give us his presentation on Feathers—their intricate structure and artistic beauty. He'll explain how their construction benefits the birds that use them. He has a spectacular collection of feathers from all over the world which he's willing to enthusiastically share with all of us. So please join us for this memorable evening.

John Schmitt



Tues. Apr. 3rd, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Brent Paull, an accomplished nature photographer, will be speaking about his many experiences:

“The unique variety of wildlife and birds makes photography from the northern Rocky Mountains, south to desert Southwest, and west to the California Coast – a wildlife photographer’s dream. I’ve spent 35 years shooting in the American West, both as a nature/wildlife photographer and as a photo safari guide. This show will highlight some of the species and tactics I’ve used, as well as amazing locations where I’ve found them. While I do cover many tactics in depth, it’s learning about my subjects that has led to my photography success over my years in the field shooting.”

Brent Paull



Tues. Mar. 6th, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1300 17th St. Bakersfield (17th and L St.)

Kern and its neighboring counties are replete with public lands. How do changes to policy affect where, when, and how much it costs to recreate locally? How about the effect on our wildlife and native plants? Or even our tremendous geological landscapes? Just where are the parks and protected spaces? And most important, what and where are the special birds, other animals, and native plants found locally?

Alison Sheehey, aka Nature Ali ( is a California Master Naturalist with a degree in Anthropology. She currently is the Programs Director of Sequoia ForestKeeper, a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization based in Kernville, CA. Ali is the past president of Kern Audubon and has been active in protecting and appreciating all that is natural in Kern County and beyond since she migrated here in 1980.

SPECIAL GUEST: Ariana Rickard, Audubon California’s Chapter Network Associate Director, will be speaking briefly at the meeting about Audubon California’s conservation campaigns. She will also be visiting Audubon’s Kern River Reserve and Panorama Vista Preserve.

Alison Sheehey



Tues. Feb. 6th, 2018 -- 7PM
First Congregational Church 5 Real Rd.
(Real Rd. and Stockdale Hwy.)

For over 100 years, the 1906 Antiquities Act has empowered American presidents, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt, to create national monuments to protect and preserve America's natural and cultural heritage. Doug Dodd’s illustrated talk will discuss the origins of the preservation ideal, the conservation movement, and the development of America's system of national monuments, such as the Sequoia National Monument in Kern & Tulare Counties. The Antiquities Act has recently come under fire as the Interior Department has sought to decrease the size of some national monuments created in the last decade. Doug Dodd will discuss the history of the Antiquities Act and update us on recent developments related to national monuments. Dr. Douglas Dodd is an Associate Professor of History at CSU Bakersfield, where he teaches U.S. history, environmental history, and the history of the American West. His work focuses on the history of federal public land management policy and more recently on the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps in California's national parks, 1933-1942. Dr. Douglas Dodd



Tues. Jan. 9, 2018 -- 7PM
Kern Supt of Schools 1300 17th St, Bakersfield
(Street parking or in lot at 18th & K)


For 112 years the Audubon Society has led the way on bird protection and environmental issues. Come Tuesday, January 9, to learn about our founding, purpose, and successes, such as the twice-yearly Science Camp. You'll learn about ways birds have influenced our culture in sports, phrases, and humor. Each member is an ambassador for Audubon Society, so come find out more about this premier organization.

Plus... Harry Love, Kevin Fahey, and Susan Castle spark enthusiasm for our environment as they demonstrate to youngsters and adults that birds matter through our Science Camp. This meeting will show us the extent of Kern Audubon's community outreach and the tremendous volunteerism present in Kern Audubon. You will see first hand the variety of hands-on materials and experience some of the motivational techniques our team of volunteers use to develop students and adults who truly know how to care for our planet. Participation in our projects is action-based and offers a concrete way to make a difference! It's guaranteed you will have fun, especially as we see Susan Castle's Ambassador Puppets! Start 2018 with Kern Audubon on Tuesday Jan. 9th, 7:00pm.

For older programs, see the newsletters page.

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