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Membership Application -- KERN AUDUBON SOCIETY

If you would like to be part of a grass-roots conservation organization with a distinguished history, join the National Audubon Society and Kern Audubon! Please print this page, complete the form below, include check, and mail! Membership includes Audubon Magazine (6 Issues) and the Audubon's Warbler. (11 issues)

____ New Member ($20)

____ Renewal ($20)

Yes! I would like to save trees and receive Audubon's Warbler by email only.

Make check payable to NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY (not Kern Audubon).
Send this form and your check (payable to National Audubon Society) to:

Kern Audubon
PO Box 3581
Bakersfield, CA 93385

Name(s):_______________________________________ Amount enclosed:________


Address:_______________________________________ Email:__________________


City:________________________________ Zip code:________ Phone:___________

If you wish to support your local Kern chapter of the Audubon Society, please check below:

I want to make a tax-deductible donation to Kern Audubon.
Enclosed is my check for $ ________ made payable to: Kern Audubon Society.