Birdwatch Bingo Game

Birdwatch BINGO Game

Birdwatching is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed anywhere by all ages. You don’t need any special equipment to watch birds. You will use your eyes and your ears. You can watch birds in your backyard.

Click the button below to find the Birdwatch BINGO game. You can play Birdwatch Bingo alone or with someone, from home or on a walk. This game can even be played with someone far away. Agree to start at the same time and watch birds in your environment. Have your friend do the same. Mark the time you get Birdwatch BINGO and compare with your friend.

Kern Audubon Society is a group of people who enjoy birds and care about the environment. Sometimes we get together for fun outings. Click here for list of places to birdwatch in Kern County. Explore this Kern Audubon Society website for more information.

Most of all, keep birdwatching!