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Blue-headed Vireo

Bird of The Week: Blue-headed Vireo

The colorful Blue-headed Vireo is a standout among more plain-plumaged relatives such as the Red-eyed Vireo. This handsome Neotropical migrant is easy to identify, with a blue-gray head set off by bold white “spectacles,” bright yellow flanks, olive-green back, and white wingbars.

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Black Rail

Bird of The Week: Black Rail

The Black Rail is the smallest of its family in North America. It measures just three-quarters of an inch longer than the Saltmarsh Sparrow, with which it shares Atlantic Coast marshland, and weighs about as much as a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

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Burrowing Owl

Bird of The Week: Burrowing Owl

In some parts of the American West, the long-legged Burrowing Owl is known as the “howdy owl” because it seems to nod in greeting at passers-by. This up-and-down action, however, is really just the owl sizing up potential danger.

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