Bluebird Nest Boxes at Indian Hill

The following is the report by Karen Pestana about the first look at the bluebird nest boxes at Indian Hill. Karen will be giving a presentation about bluebirds and the project to the Tehachapi Group on Tuesday, April 26, 7 PM. More information about location to come.

“I’m happy to report that yesterday nine bluebird enthusiasts completed the nest box maintenance at Indian Hill. No bluebird nesting activity was observed.

Dixie and Linda provided about 50 nest box opening extenders, and Dixie and Abel brought replacement nest boxes.

Thanks to all: Susi, Linda, Anne, Dixie, Kim, Abel, Carol, and Mark!

We will start monitoring regularly once we see evidence of nest building. Tehachapi area’s first bluebird egg of the season can occur from early March to mid May. It all depends on the weather and when insect food sources are available to the birds.”


Dixie cleaning a box

Dixie cleaning a box.

Kim and Carol replacing and relocating a box that was used as a cattle scratching post.

a new nest box made by Abel

A new nest box made by Abel.