Kern Audubon Society

Dear Kern Audubon Society member:

On August 10, the Executive Board voted into join a coalition with the Kern River Parkway Foundation and the Kern-Kaweah Chapter/Sierra Club in an effort to restore flow to the Kern River in Bakersfield.

We will request that the state of California, through the State Water Control Board, rule that unappropriated water rights be awarded to the City of Bakersfield. This movement to get water into the Kern River in the metropolitan portion was initiated by a local community based group called Bring Back the Kern. The hearing process requires an attorney. Adam Keates, an attorney who specializes in water rights, is willing to take the case. As one of three organizations, KAS is thus funding one third of his costs.

We believe that the river is a public trust asset. It is for the enjoyment by the people of the city. As an organization that was formed to protect birds, we find that the Kern River’s riparian habitat, which supports birdlife, needs water periodically. Water is critical for bird life to exist in the community.

Our commitment to supporting a river flow can be found in our by-laws:

ARTICLE 2: PURPOSE: Section 2. The mission of the Society shall be to provide educational programs and services that build awareness of the importance of birds and other wildlife and to promote conservation and restoration of natural habitats, primarily in Kern County.

The KAS Board has committed KAS funds to retaining an attorney.  We hope that you, too, will participate, either in person at forums and rallies or donating towards legal fees to support this effort. For additional information, please feel free to contact Harry Love, president (

Kern Audubon Executive Board