Lake Ming, Eagles Outing

Outing: Lake Ming, Eagles

Lead by: Karen Evans

Date: February 24, 2023

Totals: 29 Species spotted and 183 Individuals

Karen Evans has been checking on the bald eagles that have built a nest at Lake Ming.

“Yes! We had a great time with the eagles … they put on quite a show! I will go every Friday at 9:00 am until there is nothing to see! We are meeting and walking – and of course people can go on their own,” said outing leader Karen Evans.

“They appear to be “nesting,” – sitting on the nest – but it is possible there are no eggs or fertilized eggs. I’ll have to read up on how long it takes, but I’m watching a web cam of eagles at Big Bear and hope they give us some help with timing.”

Karen plans to go out there probably at least once a week to check on their progress and see if they actually are going to have babies here or if they are going to take off to go north soon. She is excited to share this opportunity with everyone!

Karen will be meeting at 9 a.m. at the bathrooms at the south east corner of the lake. There are two entrances to the parking areas – this would be the first one.